About Us

Ali & Jay is a brand created at home in Los Angeles, by women who want trend driven pieces that look as amazing as you feel. We embrace the spirit and hustle of LA and wear it on our sleeve. More than just another brand, Ali & Jay allows us to positively impact the lives of women through the lens of fashion. We break norms and conventions to bring a positive, inclusive message to girls everywhere…

Because we can!

We Are Creators

Ali & Jay represents an evolution in fashion in every way - from the way we design for today’s women, to the care in which we fit every garment. Each Ali & Jay dress has a story behind it that comes to life on the Ali & Jay girl.

Our Girl Gang

Today’s IT girl doesn't alway have a giant modeling contract. Our girl gang is made of the most beautiful people, inside and out, that bring Ali & Jay to life in the wild.

We <3 LA

LA is where we live, get inspired, and design every Ali & Jay piece. We’ll share with you the best parts of our home town and the neighborhoods we love.

We’re Giving Back

Set in the City of Angels, Ali & Jay as a brand is committed to the idea that our girl can radiate alone, but she’s shines even brighter with her tribe. We want to inspire women to feel empowered, and empower others. Our tribe and our city make us who we are, and we’re committed to giving back to both as we grow… because we can.

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